Are Poker Bots Taking Your Money?

Concern is growing in online chat rooms and news groups devoted to poker that sophisticated card-playing robots – known as “bots” – are being used in online poker rooms.

The fact is that such Poker Bots do exists. The question is are they good enough to beat you? and Can the poker rooms stop then?

One poker bot software are Win HoldEm, the first commercially available auto playing poker software. It also has a team mode that makes it possible to collude with other players running Win HoldEm at the table.

Poker site operators say there’s nothing to worry about, and for them there isn’t. For now, sites continue to earn healthy profits because they make money by taking a percentage – the “rake” – of every pot. “If anyone’s losing money because of the bots, it’s the players,” says Poker Academy CEO Kurt Lange. “It’s inevitably going to become a serious problem when they figure out that bots win hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

This is a serious problem for the online gambling business. Players come online seeking a “fair” shot – a contest against other humans, not robots. So the poker sites loudly proclaim that automated play is no big deal. At the same time, they are fighting back by quietly scanning for and eliminating suspicious accounts. “We’re making sure we never have bots on our site,” says Party Poker marketing director Vikrant Bhargava..” PartyPoker reportedly has 100 employees scanning for the presence of bots.

But the cheaters will find out new ways to stop poker rooms from detecting the bots and I’m sure there is a lot of bots playing even at Party Poker. The poker rooms can fight back and make it harder to use bots but I believe its impossible to stop them totally.

I think the more interesting question is: Can the poker bots beat you?

WinHoldEm can make money in low stakes fixed limit Holdém at least at 10-seated tables. But the profit at such low limits will be small. And since the user risks that the Pelangiqq room will detect the cheating and confiscate his account question is if it’s worth it?

If you are playing limit Holdém at full tables with blinds at 0,25-0,5, 0,5-1, 1-2 and you are a losing- or a breakeven player you are probably losing money to bots.

But if you are a winning player at higher limits or at No-limit, the Poker bots that exists today will probably lose money to you .

The biggest problem for the bots are shorthanded, 5- and 6-seated, No-limit. I think it will take years from now before any Bot can beat this game at any level. And during those years the people who tries to beat the game with bots will constantly lose money and help doing these games even more profitable for the strong solid players.

How not to lose to Poker Bots:

– Learn to play good solid poker and beat up the bots

– Play No-limit or Pot-limit

– Play shorthanded, 5- or 6-seaters

– Chat with your opponents. If they cant tell you their name and what they do for a living its time to get suspicious.

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